Board of Directors

We are proud to introduce the following individuals serving on our Board of Directors. The dedication and hard work put forth by all of our board members is the key to the success of Journey Together Service Dog Inc.

Pam – President

Jan. 2022 – Present
Pam enjoys taking a Journey Together Service dog to work with her to introduce them to
an office setting. She also assists with presentations that Journey Together does in the
community. Pam’s career allows her to work with veterans establishing many contacts within the veteran community.

Megan– Vice President

March 2022 – Present
Megan loves working with the dogs. She has also put her nursing skills to good use helping with shots and tracking medical info about the dogs.

Brad – Treasurer

Nov. 2019 – Present
Brad’s passion for photography has gained many creative photo opportunities for the
Journey Together Service Dogs. Brad’s expertise in the financial arena has benefitted the organization as well.

Mary– Secretary

Nov. 2019 – Present
Mary’s love for puppies has given her the opportunity to take newly acquired puppies into her home for training. She helps acclimate them to a home setting with all it’s sounds and situations. Mary takes the puppies on many amazing adventures and assists with vet visits.

Shari - Board Member

Nov. 2019 – Present
Shari helps train new socializers and the participants at OSCI. She helps with updating our website and social media platforms.

Diane - Board Member

Jan 2021 – Present
Diane has been a supporter of Journey and it’s mission from it’s inception. She brings her wealth of veterinary knowledge to the program as well as her passion for the human dog bond

Alissa - Board Member

June 2022 – Present
Alissa helps train new socializers and the inmates at Oshkosh Correctional Institute. She also has helped clients learn the skills needed to graduate with their service dog. Alissa is the project leader for the local 4-H youth dog program. Her passion for design work has been beneficial to Journey as she creates various media for our organization.