Volunteer opportunities with Journey Together Service Dog

You can make a difference by participating in many rewarding opportunities that are both fun and exciting.  Journey Together Service Dog program welcomes all kinds of volunteering experiences. Some opportunities require working with a dog in training while other opportunities do not. Each and every person is valued by the Journey Together Service Dog program. Thank you for considering volunteering with us!

What is a Dog Socializer?

Socializing is exposing the dogs to different sights, sounds, experiences, and smells. We need to introduce different people, places, things, and even floor surfaces to the dogs to prepare them for their future as service dogs. They should see runners, bikers, skate boarders, wheelchairs and crutches, to name a few. These dogs need to be comfortable and relaxed both outside and inside.

Where do you come in?
As a socializer you will be taking one of our service dogs in training, to see and experience as much as possible. You can take them to stores, restaurants, hair salons, meetings, appointments, your home, a walk, etc.

To become one of our volunteer socializers, please fill out the application and submit it. You will be contacted once we receive the application with information regarding the next steps.

Don’t worry we will go over everything with you. You will attend an orientation where basic information will be given.  Once orientation has been completed you will meet one on one or in small group setting to obtain the dog handling skills you will need to be a successful socializer.

Not sure you want to work with a dog, but want to help in other ways? Great! Please fill out the Socializer application and let us know how you think you may be able to help us.
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Other Volunteer opportunities with Journey Together Service Dog

There are other opportunities within the organization where you can make a difference if you would rather not work with a dog.  We invite our volunteers to participate in any number of activities including: 

• fundraising activities

• special events where public speaking skills assist in community outreach programs

• interviewing of prospective clients where exceptional people skills are necessary

• technology focused updates whether it be in photography, video recording events or social media updates

• office administrative needs such as grant writing proposals, making phone calls or even sending out thank you notes 

• committee participation 

Want to help in other ways? Great! Please fill out the Socializer application and let us know what area interests you.