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On the latest edition of Eye on Oshkosh, host Cheryl Hentz chats with folks from Journey Together Service Dog about their prison program, in which dogs are trained at the prison by inmate handlers to become service dogs for people who suffer with PTSD. They’re also doing a trial test program in which they’re training dogs to detect low or high blood sugar levels in people with Type 1 diabetes.
Some of Journey’s dogs have also been placed as facility dogs in places like the Christine Ann Center, the Oshkosh Police Department, and the Day by Day Warming Shelter. Day by Day’s program director also appears on the show with their facility dog, Phoenix.
The discussion also focused on the differences between a service dog, therapy dog, and emotional support animal, including where the different kinds of dogs are allowed, what a store owner may ask and not ask of someone with a service dog, and why it’s important for people to understand that most disabilities can’t be seen. So, if you see someone in a store or restaurant with a service dog, just because they may not look like they have a handicap, there are lots of disabilities you can’t see.
We thank the folks at Journey Together and Day by Day for the important work they do and for coming on the show to discuss these issues. This is one show you don’t want to miss. Watch it here or by following this link:

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A group of inmates at Oshkosh Correctional Institution have a special job; training and caring for 13 future service dogs.