Meet Our
Dogs in Training


Male Boxer
Bred by: Oakview Boxers
DOB: December 9, 2020

Phoenix is our newest recruit. He is a lively and bouncy little guy. He jaunty attitude and zest for adventure make him a great addition to the program. Phoenix has shown us he is a quick study and is absorbing new things like a little sponge. It’s a good thing, he is related to our graduates Midas and Midnight so he has big shoes to fill (both literally and figuratively).


Male Vizsla
Bred by: Shooting Star Dogs
DOB: September 14, 2020

Oliver came from Minnesota in hopes it would be a little warmer here!  He is a happy and curious boy, not afraid to check out new adventures around him.  He is living with a big brother and hopes to learn a lot from him.  With his short coat, Oliver loves to be snuggled in nice, warm blankets and coats.  He is a fast learner, and continues to add to his list of training commands.  Welcome Oliver!



Male Standard Poodle
Bred by: Happy House Of Poodles
DOB: September 5, 2020

Niles flew from sunny and warm Arizona to join his older brother and cousin in the program.  He is a laid back boy. He will stand back and observe before investigating something new.  Niles went to the YMCA and was a huge hit. He had many compliments on his behavior and calm manner.  Niles has attended a few puppy classes and a puppy paw painting class.  At his first professional grooming appointment, the groomer said he was a “dream” to work with.  Makes sense, his litter was named the “Dream Team!”


Female Golden Retriever
Bred by: Harvestime Kennel
DOB: January 11, 2020

Magic loves socializing with everyone. She is learning many new skills that will benefit others as she becomes a successful service dog. Magic has the opportunity to hang out at work with one of our volunteers, but hasn’t mastered answering the phones yet.


Female Labrador Retriever
Bred by: Anduin River Labradors
DOB: December 3, 2019

Lark is quite popular around her neighborhood, she has plenty of friends-4 legged and 2! She has also been on many great adventures, she loves going to workouts, likes floating on pool floats, loves to work for her person and has great eye contact. You can tell she does all she can to please whomever she is working with.


Male Standard Poodle
Bred by: Happy House Of Poodles
DOB: August 28, 2019

Justice loves to work for his treats! He loves people, is pretty laid back, calm and a joy to have around-according to the volunteer family he has been living with.


Male Standard Poodle
Bred by: Happy House Of Poodles
DOB: August 25, 2019

Jett is a handsome poodle! He has been on some pretty cool adventures, has learned to live with cats, loves to be outdoors, and is really smart! He picks up on new commands really fast, and we expect great things from him.


Female Golden Retriever
Bred by: Harvestime Kennel
DOB: May 31, 2019

Haven is a beautiful girl, and she gets plenty of attention when she is out and about. She loves to snuggle, and really enjoys training time spent with her other Journey friends. She can also sit in a woodshop quietly while projects are being worked on!