Meet Our
Dogs in Training

Texas Rose "Tex"

Female Standard Poodle
Bred by: Happy House Of Poodles
DOB: August 31, 2021

Texas Rose “Tex” Tex is joining her other poodle buddies to begin her training. She has already been to the gym and has decided Pickleball isn’t that big of a deal!


Male Golden Retriever
Bred by: Brigadoon Goldens
DOB: June 2, 2021

 Sarge loves to learn and is a quick study. He is a very handsome boy but insists he has the brain to match those looks!


Male Golden Retriever
Bred by: Kierran Kennels
DOB: May 20, 2021

Ranger is one happy boy and is really growing into those big boy paws! He loves to practice with his team and also enjoys his outings with the Journey volunteers.

Quolt (Colt)​

Male Standard Poodle
Bred by: Happy House Of Poodles
DOB: March 30, 2021

Quolt is a happy go lucky boy who has the most enthusiastic bouncy walk we have ever seen! He LOVES to learn and makes his team very proud.


Male Boxer
Bred by: Oakview Boxers
DOB: December 9, 2020

Phoenix may look a little forlorn in this photo, but he’s far from it! He has been on some terrific adventures and is a very impressive boxer specimen.


Male Boxer
From: Oakview Boxers
DOB: November 21, 2020

Remi is new to the world of service dogs in training, but he is certainly giving it his all! Brains and a handsome face? Check and check!


Male Vizsla
Bred by: Shooting Star Dogs
DOB: September 14, 2020

Oliver loves working in an office setting as well as going on some cool trips in the community with Journey volunteers. He is a very handsome boy to boot!


Male Standard Poodle
Bred by: Happy House Of Poodles
DOB: September 5, 2020

Niles has really grown! He is very smart, loves his friend, Prince the cat-who insists Niles is his favorite dog of all times, and is looking forward to the holidays.


Female Golden Retriever
Bred by: Harvestime Kennel
DOB: January 11, 2020

Magic continues to be a sweetheart and quickly wins over everyone she meets. All she has to do is have you look into her eyes and she lets you know just how special she is!


Female Labrador Retriever
Bred by: Anduin River Labradors
DOB: December 3, 2019

Lark was born to help others. Her focus on her handlers is astonishing to see and she will be an amazing addition to a working team!


Male Standard Poodle
Bred by: Happy House Of Poodles
DOB: August 28, 2019

Justice is busy honing his service dog skills as well as his home manners. Watching him train is so special to see.